Trigger Point Injections


Trigger points, or tiny knots in the myofascial tissue covering your muscles, can cause a large amount of pain. However, when we locate and treat trigger points, we can often alleviate muscle pain.

Trigger point injections are used in several ways to help reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and allow your body to more easily partake in therapy. The injections needed for each person may vary on the injury being treated and the severity of the injury. Trigger points can develop from an injury or a series of injuries that cause repeated trauma to a specific area. They can also develop over time from lack of exercise, inactivity, bad posture and even nutritional deficiencies.

Trigger point injections are used to decrease the spasms that happen within the muscle that have been strained or contracted for an extended period of time. When scar tissue forms it will require decreasing the amount of inflammation, stretching and strengthening to help heal the muscle.

Trigger point injections offer a safe alternative for immediate pain relief:

  • Muscle relaxers only provide a temporary solution. Trigger point injections, a safer alternative without nasty side effects, address the cause of your pain so we can relieve it permanently.
  • You experience less discomfort and a greater range of motion.
  • The injection zeroes in on your injury, release tension and provides immediate relief. Nearby muscle tissue unwinds so the region slowly loosens and strengthens.
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