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Trigger point injections are an effective treatment for chronic pain caused by tight or spasming muscle. Victor Rafa, DC, Rona Palompo, DPT, and the experienced team at Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center, Inc. in Mission Viejo, California, incorporate trigger point injections into treatment plans for various painful conditions. Call Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center, Inc. or schedule a consultation online today for effective, personalized pain relief.

Trigger Point Injections Q & A

What are trigger point injections?

A trigger point injection combines a local anesthetic with a corticosteroid to provide rapid and lasting relief for musculoskeletal pain. The injections deliver medication directly to the source of your pain to resolve the issue and related symptoms.

The team at Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center, Inc. often uses trigger point injections to relieve your pain enough for you to participate in other therapies.

What conditions improve with trigger point injections?

Trigger points are knots of tight or spasming muscle. They cause pain at the site of the knot but also pull on your muscles, connective tissue, and bones, leading to radiating pain and other symptoms.

For example, trigger points often occur in your back. They can cause painful muscle imbalances that pull on your spine. When untreated or severe, trigger points can contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, migraines, and neck pain. Trigger point injections can also relieve myofascial pain and fibromyalgia symptoms.

Poor posture, injuries, lack of exercise, and nutritional deficiencies are common causes of trigger points.

What happens during a trigger point injection?

Trigger point injections are quick outpatient treatments. You don’t need to do anything special to prepare, nor do you need to take time off to recover.

When you have the injection, your provider uses their hands to locate the trigger point. They hold the knot between their fingers and inject the medicine into your muscles. If necessary, the team can provide several trigger point injections during the same appointment.

What should I expect after a trigger point injection?

The local anesthetic in a trigger point injection takes effect almost immediately, providing rapid pain relief. Then, the corticosteroid reduces inflammation in your muscles, helping the knot or spasm to release.

As your muscles relax, your pain and other symptoms subside. Trigger point injections resolve the underlying cause of your pain, so your relief should last for a long time. The team often recommends physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and massage to prevent the trigger point from returning.

If you have chronic neck pain, back pain, or headaches, call Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center, Inc. or make an appointment online today to find out if trigger point injections are right for you.